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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Review: Green Cleaning - Seventh Generation Products

So I'm a total laundry detergent junkie. I love that my clothes smell fresh (i.e. perfumed) after being washed and dried.  Naturally I was a little skeptical to try a supposedly natural detergent.  Here are the ingredients:

Laundry Liquid Concentrate, Blue Eucalyptus & Lavender
Aqua (water), sodium lauryl sulfate, coceth-7 and glycerin (plant-derived cleaning agents), sodium citrate (water softener), oleic acid (plant-derived anti-foaming agent), sodium hydroxide (alkalinity builder), sodium chloride (thickener), boric acid and calcium chloride (enzyme stabilizers), protease and amylase (enzyme soil removers), essential oils and botanical extracts* (lavendula angustifolia (lavender), lavendula hybrid (lavandin), eucalyptus dives, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus ploybractea, pinus sylvestris (pine)), methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone (preservatives). *linalool is a naturally occurring component of these ingredients.

So is "sodium lauryl sulfate" good for you? I don't really know .  I can say that while my clothes do not smell all Tide-erific like they normally would, it did do a good job of removing stains from my kids clothing and left a neutral if only slightly pleasant lavender scent.  Overall I am pleased, and it isn't really any more expensive than the Tide I have been buying.

I also tried the all purpose cleaner and the disinfecting wipes (those of you who know me know how obsessed I am with my clorox wipes!). View ingredients for both here.  I can say that at first I kind of missed the harsh bleach smell that immediately tells me that an area is clean and disinfected, but I've grown to appreciate the Lemongrass & Thyme scent these offer.  And, they do an equally great job of cleaning up messes and leaving a streak free shiny surface.  So, I can't complain.  The spray is comparable in price to the regular disinfectant spray and I think the wipes were less than a dollar more for around the same quantity.  

Next week I'll be testing another line of totally organic cleaning and household products called Baby Girl.
You can check out the website here if you want a sneak peek!  These were developed locally and I'm so excited to try them and compare to my experience with Seventh Generation products.


Jess said...

I currently use the Seventh Generation and really like it. However, I came across Soap Nuts and just received my order in the mail. Soap Nuts are completely natural--they grow on trees. I am going to try a load today, but I have high hopes since it has great reviews. Check them out!

Chelsea said...

Oohh~ Sounds great. Let me know if you are pleased. I am all for something natural that grows on trees for laundry!

maria smith said...

Seventh Generation are my favorite green cleaning products.